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Antique Furniture

We stock a number of beautiful antique pieces, some dating as far back as the 18th century. Since 1978, we have dedicated ourselves to providing antique furniture to the hospitality industry and we’re proud to state that our service is second to none. Working together with interior designers and pub, restaurant, hotel or bar owners, we have unrivalled experience in supplying truly unique antique bar fixtures, fittings and restaurant furniture, helping to achieve that desired historic look that is so sought after.

Reclaimed Furniture

We also stock a number of reclaimed items, from pub style chairs and reclaimed bar stools to a whole range of reclaimed restaurant furniture. Our craftsmen are able to select beautifully detailed furniture found in places such as medieval buildings and churches, then use the wooden components to create special new pieces. This is a fantastic way of recycling precious items and giving them a new purpose.

Reclaimed items are renowned for standing the test of time; as the crafted wood in these historic pieces ages, it becomes stronger and more robust.

The state of the current climate and the threat of global warming means we all need to make a real effort to become more environmentally friendly. Choosing to use quality reclaimed furniture in your business is a great start. Not only will you be reducing environmental impact, but you can guarantee to be furnishing your business with quirky and unique pieces that have a story to tell.

Among our collection of antique and reclaimed furniture, you can find:

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Our experts are on hand to discuss which items would most suit the look you’re trying to achieve. You’re also more than welcome to visit our warehouse in Stafford to see all our beautiful antique furniture first hand.

All the items of furniture sold within our Antiques and Reclaimed section are sold on an 'as is' basis. Any statement by ourselves as to the origin, age, provenance and condition is a statement of opinion and not a statement of fact. We think we know what we are doing but everyone can make a mistake!! If you have any questions and need more details, please ring or email us.


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