Oval Retro Coffee Tables

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3 available in Red, 3 available in yellow, 3 available in purple.

Made in the 1970's, these were once used in a social club in Lincolnshire. After nearly 60 years of use the tops were very badly stained, so we have replaced the tops with brand new formica, giving them a fresh classic retro look. The bases have a very attractive shape to them, made of beech and are full of character.

Before they leave our workshop in Staffordshire we’ll check them over, wax & polish it up the bases, make sure they’re ‘bob-on’, keeping as much of the original character as possible.

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 Product Code: 12669 TAB / LEX


Width: 960mm
Depth: 510mm
Height: 630mm

Price Information:

£195.00 +VAT



Antique & Reclaimed

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