Taylor's Stains and Finishes

The stain and paint colours shown below are for illustrative purposes only. At Taylor's Classics we seek to provide individual character in our furniture. The colours that you see in this presentation may alter according to the resolution of your screen. We are very happy to provide stain and paint samples but the colour of the furniture that we supply will vary subject to the substrate of each unique piece of timber. Please contact our sales office to request any samples or if you have a sample that you would like us to match.


J Dark Oak 10 Stippled Scratched Sanded Back

Aged Dark Oak

IMG 7892

Aged Light Oak

IMG 7879

Aged Medium Oak

b130 antique classic

Antique Classic

Ben Teak On Beech

Ben Teak on Beech

Clear Lacquered Ash Copy

Clear Lacquered Ash

Clear Lacquered Birch plywood3

Clear Lacquered Birch Plywood

Clear Lacquered Oak7

Clear Lacquered Oak

Clear Lacquered steamed beech Copy

Clear Lacquered Steamed Beech

b112 dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark Oak On Beech2

Dark Oak on Beech

Dark Oak on Oak

Dark Oak on Oak

Golden Oak on Oak2

Golden Oak on Oak

Jacobean Oak on Beech3

Jacobean Oak on Beech

Jacobean Oak on Oak

Jacobean Oak on Oak

Light Oak On Beech2

Light Oak on Beech

Light Oak On Oak

Light Oak on Oak

Medium Mahogany on Beech

Medium Mahogany on Beech

Medium Mahogany on Oak2

Medium Mahogany on Oak

Medium Oak On Beech

Medium Oak on Beech

Medium Oak on Oak 2

Medium Oak on Oak