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Antique Cabinets & Sideboards

Scroll through our selection of antique sideboards and cabinets and you will find beautifully crafted pieces, made of the finest quality – and often reclaimed – wood. Adding a touch of elegance to any room, these cabinets are the ideal finishing touch for any classic establishment.

Here at Taylor’s, we have been serving the hospitality industry since 1978, and so we completely appreciate how the practical elements must be worked into everyday life, even when it comes to your furniture. As experts in our industry, we are more than happy to lend a helping hand or a few words of advice here and there should you be torn as to which sideboard or cabinet would work best in your premises.

Please be aware that all of the items sold within our Antiques and Reclaimed furniture section are sold on an 'as is' basis. Using our years of expertise, we provide you with a statement as to the origin, age, provenance and condition of the piece you’re interested in. Please note though that this is always a statement of opinion and never a statement of fact. We have been working in the antique industry for many years now and we’re fairly confident in our estimations but, at the end of the day, we’re only human and everyone can make a mistake.

So if you have any questions about a particular piece and would like to speak with one of our experts directly to find out a little more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call.