A Very Good Run of Late 19th Century Pitch Pine Doors

Six matched pitch pine doors 2 Six matched pitch pine doors 3 Six matched pitch pine doors 4 Six matched pitch pine doors 6


6 in total, with 5 all one size and one slightly larger and all being a good height.

They are Gothic in design with the embellishments on the panels, however they have got one or two issues which Taylor's are able to fix if you would like.

There are one or two splits in the panels, holes where the locks and handles have been, etc. But as I say, we have the technology and skill to put them into good 'working order' if you wish. We also have a quantity of old Pitch pine in stock, that we can match and patch the holes and stain and polish and wax them up. You may feel you can paint them in which case the work would not require so much time…it's your call.



5qty: 2110 x 900 x 45mm
1qty: 2110 x 1100 x 45mm

Price Information:

£1,150.00 +VAT


Antique & Reclaimed

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