'Domino' Table

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Our unique oak domino table with beer shelf & up stands to table edges is based upon a pre-war design. 

Every picture tells a story. Keep your customers in the bar for longer. ‘Come on dad I’ll meet you in the pub at 7 for a pint and a game of Doms’. How many times have I said that...?

Entertainment, open fires, cosy evenings... you need a domino table /card table! No need for the old domino boards that slip and side around now. You need a Taylor's Classics domino table. Solid oak, hand polished playing surface. Ideal for 4 players. Beer glass shelf below the table top.

Please give me a ring double six ...don’t you mean 007? No double six scores 4, 007 scores nothing!

Product Code: DOMTAB

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Width: 655mm
Depth: 655mm
Height: 750mm

Price Information:

£320.00 +VAT


Antique & Reclaimed

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