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Traditional Bentwood Accessories

Is the furniture in your establishment made of Bentwood and now you’re on the lookout for some accessories to complete the look? Or are you just after something a little more quirky to complement your current interior design? Whatever your reasons, you’ll find a range of stunning pieces amongst our traditional Bentwood accessories.

Bentwood is made using a unique combination of soaking and steaming good quality wood in order to create distinctive shapes and designs. It’s for this reason that Bentwood makes the perfect base for a variety of accessories. Coat and hat stands – with their instantly recognisable tree-effect – look amazing when designed using Bentwood and you will see we have included some of these within this category.

Completing your business with finishing touches allows you to get creative. You can change a room’s entire look with just a few select accessories. Why not add an element of practicality in your choice? For example, a coat and hat stand will look great sitting in the corner of a restaurant or café, but it’s a practical accessory that can actually be used by guests to store their belongings whilst they dine and socialise in your business.

Would you like to place an order for our traditional Bentwood coat and hat stands or any of our other accessories? Would you like to find out more about a particular product? Whatever your query, please feel free to get in touch where a member of our team will be happy to help with your enquiry.