A Quantity of Former School Tables with Unique Patina

Ex lab school tables 1 Ex lab school tables 2 Ex lab school tables 3 Ex lab school tables 4 Ex lab school tables 5


I love the look and character of these tables! After years in the class room, they have developed a unique patina that is hard to replicated. We have a number of these tables in stock and the above images shows one we have recently done for a project where we reduced the size to 900mm square and painted the base in a contrasting colour. 

The below price includes reducing in size and either staining or painting the base in a standard RAL colour. If you would like them in their existing condition, or a differing finish, please get in touch for a quote. 


Various sizes available
Largest being: 1000mm x 1000mm x 760mm

Price Information:

£325.00 +VAT



Antique & Reclaimed

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