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A quick guide to: What is Crib 5? Posted 26 Jan 2024

Crib 5, also known Ignition Source 5 is a fire safety standard, which commercial furniture must meet as a legal requirement. It is important to note that the tests carried out do not ensure that a fabric is ‘fireproof’, however they prevent the risk of a fire being started and spreading.




For hospitality venues such as pubs, hotels, restaurants & bars, fabric & leather must pass three fire tests.

Test 1 – Cigarette Test

Fabric has the equivalent of a smouldering cigarette applied to it.

Test 2 – Match Test

Fabric has the equivalent of a burning match applied to it.

Test 3 – Crib 5 test

What does the Crib 5 test involve?

The final test involves a wooden structure that resembles a crib (hence the name), which must be five tiers high. This structure is then set alight underneath the material, plus any cushioning or foam that would be used alongside and observed for 10 minutes. To pass the test, no flaming or smouldering can occur. Once a fabric has passed all three tests, it can be labelled as Crib 5.

Treating fabrics to Crib 5

Many fabrics can be treated – sprayed on back with a rubbery chemical, which will stop the fire spreading and help to burn itself out. The fabric will always burn because only the back of the fabric is treated and acts as a firewall extinguishing the flames.


Some fabric will only pass the cigarette and match test and not the Crib 5,  fabric like this needs to be used with a Crib 5 Interliner underneath.

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Posted on 26/01/24