Care & Maintenance

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The approved method to clean our furniture is by using warm soapy water dispensed from a spray bottle and dried off with a clean cloth. Do not use anti-bacterial sprays or other chemical cleaners which will invalidate our warranty because over a period of time the sprays are likely to soften the lacquered surfaces resulting in a ‘sticky’ feel. To maintain a shiny surface it is possible to use a small amount of beeswax polish worked firmly into the surface, do not use too much polish as it will sit on the wooden surface and eventually build up a dirty film. Do not use silicon spray polishes which will stop any future refurbishment.

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Our wooden table tops are not heat proof. We recommend the use of mats (see our website) to protect the surface from hot plates, teapots or other hot items. If you require a surface that is able to resist higher temperatures then we recommend real wood veneer laminates or similar products.


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The wood used in our furniture has been kiln dried to industry standards however timber will always react to its surroundings meaning that it can expand or shrink causing movement and splitting. It is important that you do not place wooden furniture too close to hot objects such as fires or radiators. Ensure that the furniture does not suffer from extremes of heat or humidity.

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Check your furniture regularly. Catching any problems at an early stage will mean that long term problems can be stopped.
From time to time check your furniture so that loose bolts are tightened. This is particularly relevant to outdoor furniture.
Avoid dragging furniture as it may lead to a weakening of the joints.

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Timber is a natural product and any exposed timber surfaces will weather naturally to a silver grey finish. Furniture can be treated (subject to customer’s specification) either with a preservative or teak oil, prior to delivery, which will slow the weathering. Further applications will be necessary if you wish to restore and maintain the appearance. We recommend that outdoor furniture is protected from extreme weather conditions, particularly during the winter months.

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We recommend that clients should specify fabrics or leathers that are robust enough for contract conditions, further information may be obtained from the manufacturer or stockist.
Fabric can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or vacuumed using a brush attachment; if this does not remove the marks we suggest that you contact the fabric or leather company.  
Leather, like timber, is a natural product meaning that the markings, grain and colour will vary slightly from one hide to another. Leather will change colour over a period of time dependent upon its exposure to sunlight or the ambient temperature.  Leather should be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried quickly. 

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Marble, Limestone and Granit Table Tops

Stones have been used in furniture for hundreds of years and when compared to other material used for table tops such as wood, metal, glass and laminates it will perform well.

Stone has a very high heat resistance and a good resistance to scratching and staining and gives an easy wipe clean surface.

Marble and lime stone are more porous than granite and can absorb liquids if allowed to rest on the surface long enough. There are two forms of marking that are possible

1) Pigment Staining: e.g. if a damp tea bag was left on a white marble table you might get a brown stain.

2) Acid Etching: This happens when the acid in liquids we consumer matt the polished surface of the stone. Dry white Wine, Champagne, citrus juices, vinegar’s etc.

In order to help prevent both types of marking we recommend you wax the surface of the table with a clear wax in a tin. (Not a Spray)

Granite is one of the hardest materials in general use. A Table top of the same size and thickness as marble will weigh about 10% more. The additional density of granite gives a virtually maintenance free surface. It will not etch with acids that are in normal foods for consumption and the density makes it difficult to absorb liquids that might stain it.

All of the stones may vary as they are natural materials.

Cleaning should be done with a cloth and warm soapy water. Stubborn marks and mild stains can be removed using white spirit but this may remove the wax as well, so re wax after using white spirit.