Copper Table Tops

Copper can create a bold design statement when used in architecture and furniture. Perhaps better known for its industrial applications, Copper is one of the few metals that occurs naturally in a directly usable form as opposed to needing extraction from an ore. This lead to very early use in history, and has seen it applied in many ways extending beyond industry, used to make design statements in many interiors and furnishings.

When used in furniture, Copper brings real strength to any surface, with its rich colour it can deepen the interior colour scheme of any room. Copper table tops are a classic feature of many traditional pub interiors, due not only to their rich colour and hard wearing surface, but copper is also known to offer natural bacteria-fighting properties, making it an ideal choice for commercial dining and food preparation areas.

Any successful restaurateur will tell you, that creating a unique interior with interesting features is one of the keys to success. As a unique, durable and practical surface, copper table tops are an ideal choice for any pub or restaurant seeking a specific interior look, whether this be a timeless style that’s likely to outlast many trends, or something of the more contemporary chic industrial look.

Our Copper Table top range offers a variety of designs and finishes, such as pre-distressed hand beaten plain copper tops to more traditional patterned designs based on those popular in pubs through Victorian times.

Here at Taylor’s we take pride in our workmanship, providing fantastic contract quality furniture. Having served the hospitality industry since 1978, our team are well placed to offer help and advice on what copper table tops will compliment the environment you are looking to create. 

All of the copper table tops you’ll find here and are particularly well suited to our Cast Iron Table Bases. Coupled with these, you can achieve a high-end, elegant dining space. To find out more about our copper table tops, feel free to get in touch or simply give us a call  if you’d like to place an order.