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Aluminium Table Tops

Since the 17th century, the Parisian Café is seen as a centre of social and culinary life in Paris. Perhaps known as a place to relax and refuel, not just as a coffee shop, but a place offering a restaurant menu with meals for any time of the day, a full bar and wine selection. Many interiors were bold and elegant in their design, and have provided interior design inspiration for many of today's cafés and eating establishments.

These types of dining environments often feature aluminium table tops, used to create a bold and elegant design statement reminiscent of many Parisian cafés. This classic style of furniture can be married with many interior themes to add a unique twist to any hospitality venue.

From a practicality point, Aluminium brings real strength to any surface while offering a hygienic surface for most dining environments. Due to its lightweight and easy forming, it can be used to create table tops of virtually any size and shape, so is well suited for aluminium cafe tables, restaurant dining tables or tables at poseur height.

Here at Taylor’s we take pride in our workmanship, providing fantastic contract quality furniture. Having served the hospitality industry since 1978, our team are well placed to offer help and advice on what aluminium table tops will complement your café or restaurant environment.

To find out more about our aluminium table tops, feel free to get in touch  or simply give us a call if you’d like to place an order.