The Fox & Hounds, Barley

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Venue: Fox & Hounds, Barley

Designer: Simple Simon Commercial Interior Design

The Project

Following a £1m refurbishment, the Fox & Hounds in Barley, Herefordshire, reopened as a Gastropub offering an atmosphere of a traditional pub and a delicious ever-changing menu. Patrons enjoy traditional pub classics alongside seasonal dishes, with produce sourced locally and from the venues own garden. To create the traditional British customer experience, interior design was created to offer a relaxed, traditional pub atmosphere with a high-quality feel, complementing the quality food and service available.

This made the project a perfect fit for Taylor’s Classics, with many pieces featured from our Traditional Pub & Restaurant Furniture range, combined with selected items from our Benchairs and Retro Restaurant Furniture ranges to add a hint of the modern trend to the overall experience.

The photographs feature our Traditional Restaurant Chairs, such as the familiar Heals Dining Chair, Salisbury Lounge Armchair, and the iconic Bentwood No 150 Crossback Chair. Select pieces from our Benchairs Collection add a hint of modern style to the overall finish, with the Benchairs 136 Sidechair featured. Tables are made up of our Traditional Pub Tables, with our Cricket Table helping create a traditional British pub dining area.

Products Featured

Traditional Chairs: Hopton Dining Chair, Heals Dining Chair, Salisbury Lounge Armchair, Kingsley Tub Chair, Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa

Traditional Stools: Broadway Low Stool Upholstered, Haughton High Stool Upholstered

Traditional Tables: Cricket Table 800dia

Traditional Bentwood Chairs: Ironica Side Chair, Number 150 Crossback Chair

Benchairs & Retro Furniture: Benchairs 136 Side Chair



Benchairs 136 Side Chair

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Kingsley Tub Chair

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Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa

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Broadway Low Stool Upholstered

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Number 150 Upholstered Crossback Chair

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Cricket Table 800 Dia

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Salisbury Button Back Armchair

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Hopton Chair

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Heals Dining Chair

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Haughton Low Stool Upholstered

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