Brightside, Roadside

Website: Brightside, Roadside Dining

A new brand for Loungers.

Locations: Exeter & coming soon to Saltash, Honiton, Rutland.

Bringing proper hospitality back to roadside dining!

“Brightside’s unique interiors offer a sense of nostalgia with a modern edge...
The inspiration behind Brightside’s interior scheme was driven by founder Alex’s memories of going to Little Chef and Happy Eater when he was on holiday as a child. People of a certain age will remember that in the 70s and 80s, a stop-off was an integral part of people’s travel plans. We’ve tried to capture the nostalgia of family road trips and the excitement of finding somewhere to stop off that was a bit of a treat.”

Working together with the Loungers team, Taylor’s Classics supplied all bespoke dining chairs, tables & stools as featured on the photographs. To find more about our bespoke manufacturing service, please click here.