Stand-alone coffee table

We were asked by a firm of designers in Birmingham to make a stand-alone coffee table, the inspiration came from one they had seen in a magazine made from lots of different legs. This is what we came up with! We went out and bought lots of chairs and tables with interesting legs: some turned, some barley sugar twist, some ballast, some straight, some with block ends and so on. We then proceeded to dismantle them all and chose four strong enough to put in the corners to support the weight. Then we filled in the top of the table. As you can see from the photographs above a variety of woods, shapes and sizes were used. We then framed the table with oak which we got from one of the tables (we have already used the legs)! Finally, we added a toughened piece of plate glass to the top & we thought overall it looked great when finished... We hope you agree. 

P.S. We put this piece down to a labour of love... trust me we never made a profit, we underestimated the time it would take to fill in the middle!