An oak rustic settle

This is a Taylor's Exclusive product.  We were asked by Henry Conlon at the Dublin Castle Public House in Camden to produce some solid oak settle/ benches of various sizes to fit in his world famous 'grassroots music venue'. "It gets a bit raucous at times" Henry told us, with people standing on the seats and jumping up & down so they need to be strong. 'When we are full, we pull them away from the walls and people stand behind them, so we also need a shelf that leans slightly forward and is deep enough behind the back to stop the glasses falling forward'. And pictured below is what we came up with, details:

  • All handmade in solid oak

  • Power re-saw detailing to the boards

  • Steel rose cut nail decoration

  • A shelf that leans slightly forward and is supported with very strong shaped brackets

  • Each bench is fitted with a removable faux leather seat pad - Henry said it must be faux as we cannot afford to upset their strong vegan and vegetarian following.

  • Freestanding with a draft board on the bottom below the seat, which enables you to paint the back if you so wished

  • Hand polished with subtle patination