A table leaf holder commissioned by Magdalen College

We undertook a very large furniture restoration project for Magdalen College in Oxford and one of the pieces was a magnificent eight leg mahogany extended dining table, made by Pryer and Mackenzie of London with seven original leaves. The table unfortunately had parted company some time in its life with the original leaf holder, so we were asked to make a new holder which would complement the dining table, the set of 16 matching Gothic dining chairs and magnificent pedestal sideboard.  Previously all of the leaves had stood in the corner of the dining room leaning against a wall, all unprotected and were scratched and knocked about... Now they are all protected in their own purpose made leaf carrier.

We found an old late 19th Century wardrobe which I thought would compliment the quality of the college furniture and we proceeded to make the free standing leaf carrier. Each leaf can be pushed into the side of the leaf holder and is protected top and bottom with green baize. Each leaf is numbered individually so that they can be placed in the correct order. It is a piece of furniture which I am very proud of and I am pleased to say the college were absolutely delighted.