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Traditional Sapele Table Tops

Sapele, also referred to as sapelli, has many qualities that make it an ideal material for table tops in a commercial environment. Sapele table tops are incredibly hard wearing and offer a beautiful dark chestnut like finish, reminiscent of mahogany, being a member of the same family of tree species, this material is often marketed as “african mahogany”. It can appear somewhat like mahogany in its appearance, both in colour and grain but with a more golden bronze colour than mahogany.

When searching for solid wood table tops, be sure to consider sapele, as like any natural material, colours can vary with age with natural varying patterns of its flowing stripy figure, making each table unique. This makes them a great choice for any pub or restaurant seeking a warm, homely, timeless feel.

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes of sapele table tops, all of which are made to order, so we can deliver any required size or shape to match your dining space. These are also easily fixed to most table bases, and are perhaps an ideal match to our very own Cast Iron Table Bases.

Please take a look at our samples here, and get in touch to discuss your requirements further. Having served the hospitality industry since 1978, our team are well placed to help you achieve the interior look you desire, with the furniture you choose being a key to your venues success.