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Hotel Room Lighting

When designing the interior of hotel guest rooms, the atmosphere is what creates positive memories for your guests. With the right lighting, you can create an atmosphere that exudes luxury, comfort and style. This is what makes those finishing touches so important when completing a hotel room interior project. 

Lighting really can make or break a traveller’s experience of a hotel, which is why to complete our hotel furniture range, we offer a collection of reclaimed and reconditioned hotel bedroom and guest room lighting. These pieces will complement any guest room interior that’s made up of 19th-century style furniture, with a range of floor standing, table and bedside lamps available to suit your needs. 

Contract Furniture Suppliers

We’ve worked with many interiors designers on an array of contract interior projects, and we’re finding that the boundaries are being pushed more than ever before. We see that hoteliers and interior designers are always looking to create unique interior schemes so that guests can enjoy something different, and choosing the right lighting can be an essential part of that. 

Having specialised in the supply of contract furniture to the hospitality sector for many years, our team is well placed to offer a little advice on the furniture for your next contract interior project. Our customer satisfaction record speaks for itself, so why not get in touch with our contract furniture experts to discuss your requirements, and we may have just what you are looking for.