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Hotel Room Desks

For the stylish and refined hotel rooms of today, many now offer travellers the option of working in different areas. Some guests prefer to work on the sofa, while others may prefer a desk, and in the age of wireless technology, it’s important to offer guests these options during their stay. 

Boxy desks are now a thing of the past, whilst more minimalist, flexible tables that can serve a multitude of purposes are what guests expect in any quality establishment. This is why our hotel room desks from our Newport Range are the perfect addition to a hotel room's interior. Simply proportioned to offer flexibility in its use, with a look that’s enhanced by the detailing inspired by late Victorian and arts and crafts period furniture. These guest room desks are crafted from solid oak, finished with an inlaid tooled and Gilead leather top to complement the traditional styling.

Hotel Room Furniture Suppliers

Here at Taylor’s Classics, we’ve specialised in the supply of contract furniture since 1978, and we know that when it comes to furnishing a Hotel, the importance of creating an attractive and comfortable environment is a key to the success of a venue. Over the years, we’ve worked with many fantastic interior designers globally, helping complete an array of fantastic interior projects. 

We have an excellent customer satisfaction record along with a great understanding of what furniture works in particular interiors. If you’d like a little advice on choosing furniture for your next interior project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our furniture experts to discuss our ranges and finish options.