Small Trestle Ended Refectory Table in Elm

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A lovely original small trestle ended refectory table in elm circa 1910.

This table is a favourite of mine, it is well proportioned, the colour is lovely and original and the timber choice is fab! The top is made with 2 planks and they look as if they have been butterflied. This means the thick original plank has been sliced down the middle (as you would slice a loaf of bread) and then they are both layered next to each other, it is like producing 2 wings of a butterfly. A clever and skillful procedure. 

This is a lovely table and although the height is only 710mm I feel one could eat at it as it does not have a frieze, or you could just put 4 stools around it and drink beer and tell stories/ read the paper. 


Product Code: TAB 1077/ 1565/ LS


Width: 1220mm
Depth: 600mm
Height: 710mm

Price Information:

£265.00 +VAT


Antique & Reclaimed

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