A Superb Quality 19th Century X-framed Solid Oak Refectory Table

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I have a pair of these tables available; they have been through the workshop and are fully restored and in bob-on condition. For that reason, I think I will have to include them in Martin’s favourites! They stand like a racehorse and one of the unusual features is that the center rail is a circular rail, and not a square as you would normally see on a refectory table of this type.

They both are exactly the same height and width, so would be ideal in a dining room to seat six people on each table, or if you wanted to make a larger private dining table you could push them together and seat 12-14 people.

2 Available


Width: 1675mm
Depth: 880mm
Height: 760mm

Price Information:

£1,350.00 +VAT


Antique & Reclaimed

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