An Unusual Set of Four Art Deco Armchairs in Original Condition

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These are an unusual set of Art Deco armchairs, they are very comfortable and they are in original condition so they would really need to be put through the workshop. They would also need to be reupholstered and the woodwork needs to be checked over. I bought them because I felt that they were very unusual, the bentwood oak veneered arm sweeps down to the front leg which is a sort of silhouette with a slight kick at the bottom. I think they are very nice and full of character.

The price shown here is as they stand in existing condition, if you would like a quotation for them to be put through our workshop and refurbished, please get in touch


Product Code: CHA-08723/ PUE


Width: 630mm
Depth: 550mm
Height: 740mm
Seat Height: 440mm
Seat Depth: 440mm

Price Information:

£95.00 +VAT



Antique & Reclaimed

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