Very Impressive Late 19th Century Oak Mirror Back Sideboard

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This this is a very honest and original piece of English furniture made from lovely quality golden oak. Dating from about 1880 with fine floral and fruit carved panels. It also has a very unusual curved canopy, again decorated with beautifully carved flowers and urns. It is very arts and crafts in style.   All the brass handles are original. In my opinion it has had a very charmed life. This piece of furniture was expensive when it was first made, and the consequence of which means that it has been well looked after, loved, polished and waxed throughout its 140-year life.

We will check it over, wax it up and make sure it is ready to rock 'n' roll before leaves our warehouse in Stafford.


Width: 1970mm
Depth: 645mm
Height: 2320mm

Price Information:

£1,450.00 +VAT


Antique & Reclaimed

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