An Amazing Pair of Revolving Obelisk Shaped Display Stands

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These are an amazing pair of obelisk shaped swivel display stands of very imposing proportions. I would suggest that they are probably made in the 1960s but it is very difficult to tell. The quality of the manufacture is absolutely amazing.

The timber seems to be of the Mahogany Rosewood South American origin, but I can't tell you how stylish, well-proportioned and beautiful these two pieces are. They stand on concealed swivel bases, so can revolve and be moved easily.

I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like them in 40 years and I don't expect to see anything like them any time soon

We will check them over and wax them up and make them look even more beautiful than they are now before they leave our warehouse in Stafford.

Product Code: ACC-11076 


Width: 610mm
Depth: 610mm at base
Height: 2000mm

Price Information:

£2,750.00 +VAT

For The Pair


Antique & Reclaimed

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