A Fabulous Quality Mid-19th Century Mahogany Gentleman's Linen Press

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There's not a lot you can say about this piece of furniture apart from the fact it is absolutely fantastic quality in totally original condition. With original colour, original patination, mahogany lined drawers, all the original handles, all the original slides inside. It’s just a fantastic piece of furniture, what it would cost today to make doesn't bear thinking about... thousands of pounds.

We will check it over and wax it up and make it look more beautiful than it is at the moment, because it is a beautiful piece of furniture.

On closer inspection, the only thing that I can see is that the top of the right-hand panel has a very slight bow. Please don't forget that it is probably 170 years old.

Product Code: ACC-08759 


Width: 1350mm
Depth: 590mm
Height: 2140mm

Price Information:

£2,450.00 +VAT


Antique & Reclaimed

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