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Warm up Your Customers in the Winter Months Posted

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and, whilst the weather’s still fairly mild at the moment, the yearly chill is bound to be right around the corner. We’ll soon be digging out our winter clothing and preparing for the weather outside by donning ourselves with warm coats, scarves and gloves.

But if you run a pub, did you know that you could actually use this to your advantage? When people are out and about in freezing cold weather, occasionally, they need somewhere to escape to. And this is where you come in. Below we’ve listed a few marketing ideas for your pub on how you can warm up your customers during the winter months.Number 120 Oval Back Chair

Don’t underestimate the power of the blackboard

Yes, it’s a tactic that’s been used for decades, but there’s a reason for this; it works. Something as simple as placing a blackboard sign outside your premises to catch the eyes of passers-by can have a massive impact on the number of people who walk through your door. Bear in mind that, on a blackboard, you only have a limited amount of space and literally seconds to catch someone’s eye. So make sure that whatever you write on your blackboard, it’s compelling enough to stop people in their tracks and tempting enough to lure them inside. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Lure potential customers into your pub with the promise of a cockle-warming speciality drink such as a glass of mulled wine (this will be particularly popular in a few weeks’ time)
  • Use popular culture to your advantage; “Winter is coming” is a regularly used phrase from the series of books and the TV programme, Game of Thrones. But businesses from all niches are using it to create a new meaning by promoting themselves in such a way that not only keeps them up to date with popular culture, but which also makes them relatable to their potential consumers. A phrase as simple as “Winter is coming…so come inside and enjoy one of our hot chocolates” could cause people to chuckle at your cleverness and pop in to see you
  • For the more creative out there, you could even produce some great quirky artwork with your blackboard and a few coloured pens
  • Take a look here for a few more creative ideas that have been used by businesses in the past.

Make the most of 5pm

Particularly on Fridays, you’ll see office employees filing out onto the streets at five o’clock and occasionally you hear the question “Swift half?” posed to the group before they make their cold journeys home. When they decide that one for the road wouldn’t go amiss, you need to make sure that yours is the pub they choose to go to. Using the blackboard method mentioned above could work for you here. But what would be even better is if you’d already managed to plant the seed into their heads hours before, indirectly persuading them that your pub is the place to be on a frosty Friday evening. We’ve mentioned the power of social media in the past, but in instances such as this, it really can work wonders for your business. Be sure to keep your online audience up to date with what’s going on in your pub by posting pictures showing what latest drinks you have available, or statuses informing people of the live music you have on certain nights of the week. A good idea is also to have something specific going on that starts at 5pm on a Friday evening – such as Happy Hour, for instance – and be sure to use social media around 4.30pm to remind everyone what will be happening if they join you in half an hour. This way, people who follow your brand on social media will already be aware of what you have to offer and what makes you different from the other pubs in the vicinity. So, immediately, you’ll be in the forefront of their minds when deciding on where to have their post-work drink.

Russell Button Back ArmchairBrag about your fire

It may sound odd, but if you’ve got an open log fire in your pub roaring away during the winter months, trust us, you want to be shouting about it from the rooftops. When people just need to get out of the cold, immediately they start to day dream about being at home and sitting in front of their own fire. But when that isn’t possible, you can make sure that your pub is a pretty good alternative for them. They may only be in there for half an hour or so, but if you can entice just one person in, presenting them with the opportunity to sit themselves next to the crackling fire to warm up for 30 minutes with a pint and a book, you can pretty much guarantee that there’s one happy customer that will be leaving your premises. And you never know, they may even become a returning customer, or a referring customer when they choose to bring their friends and family in with them next time.

Set the mood with your furniture

When posting pictures of your pub to your social media accounts, make sure you include one of that Glasgow bench in the corner so everyone can see how easy it would be for a big group to socialise around. Be sure to place your most comfortable lounge chairs next to that roaring fire, so as to encourage customers to sink down into them with their latest gripping read. And of course, if you don’t yet have this type of furniture and you’re thinking of revamping your current design, get in touch with us and we can supply you with plenty of stylish and comfortable pub furniture items.

By using some of these tips in the next few months, you can keep your pub business booming. Yes, winter means there are generally fewer people in the streets, but with your great marketing and self-promotion, it could mean they’re all sitting cosily inside your pub instead.