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Top Tips for picking outdoor pub furniture Posted 1st May 2014

In today's Taylor's Classics blog, we prepare for the bank holiday sunshine. We'll be giving top tips on picking outdoor pub furniture.

May Bank Holiday 2014 isfast approaching so it means warmer days and lighter nights. It’s indeed a perfect chance to entice your customers into your beer gardens for a pint or two whilst relaxing in some comfortable outdoor pub furniture. 

Here are our top tips for picking outdoor pub furniture:

1. Quality not quantity

When buying outdoor pub furniture, you want it to last for at least a few years. Well done welds and great paint jobs means two things: long lasting furniture and a good investment. Choosing the right outdoor pub furniture is just as important as your interiors. Some would say even more important mainly because it has to stand up to: sun exposure, wind, rain, man handling and everything else. Inspect before you buy and pay attention to detail!

Hint: a good supplier will always provide aftercare advice on their products. We certainly do! Such as our Broseley Folding Armchair that needs to be treated regularly with teak oil to maintain colour.

2. Right size

This is where you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer when buying outdoor pub furniture. Have you seen those chairs that are too low to the ground and are a bit of an effort to get out of? Don’t buy them. Instead when shopping around have comfort in mind – literally test drive the outdoor pub furniture. Cater to customers of all shapes and sizes!

3. Shade

Imagine a warm pint then overheating customers. Not a great combination. It's vital that you provide some form of shade and umbrellas are mostly popular for this.  Create areas in your outdoor spaces for your pub chairs and tables to be put somewhere cool.

4. Style

After comfort comes style. What kind of look do you want to go for – stylish, antique, vintage, or traditional pub furniture? It's ideal if you blend the outdoors with the indoors, but that's not to say you can't mix and match!

If you want a chic stylish theme, then our Parisian Café Armchair with a bamboo finishes and cream and red weave is perfect.

5. Flexibility

Being able to move your outdoor pub furniture around is essential. Perhaps you may need the space for something else on occasion or you like to often rearrange seating areas. This needs to be done without heavy duty lifting!

Therefore choose pub chairs and tables that ideally are foldable or light weight.

Our Broseley square folding table, that's modelled on a traditional Victorian style, is ideal for getting out of the way when needed. 

That's our top tips for choosing outdoor pub furniture this May. Can you add any?