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Tips On How To Use Pinterest To Help Your Hospitality Business Grow Posted

We all know that using social media to promote your business is an effective way to get your name out there, post pictures of what you do and generally, engage with your customers on a different level. And whilst you may already be using Facebook and Twitter to try and achieve these ends, have you considered using Pinterest?

The basics

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Pinterest is another social media platform. It’s not all that well known in this country but it really is a hidden gem being used by the public and businesses alike.

In very basic terms, it’s essentially a giant pin board where users can group things into sub-boards and, within those, collate images of their hobbies and interests.

It’s a very visual platform, so it’s great for showcasing your business through pictures. If this sounds interesting to you and you want to know more, here are some tips on how to use the platform to help your business grow.

Set up a page

No, you don’t necessarily have to be signed up to Pinterest to use it (particularly if you only want to browse), but given that it’s a different place to reach a new audience, it can’t hurt to make a name for yourself on there. So first things first, set up a page, link it to your website (and vice versa) and start telling people about it.

Showcase your unique qualities

Now you can start to get busy. Take a little time to explore the platform, get used to the layout, create individual boards for different areas of your business and begin pinning images from your website. For instance, show off your;

  • Fascinating lobby
  • Luxurious bedrooms
  • Fabulous cocktails
  • Range of Real Ales
  • Delicious food
  • Unique menus
  • Quirky interior design

Whatever it is that makes you great, show people. Take a look at these examples to help get you started:

You can upload images straight to your page or, you can install the ‘Pin it’ button to your browser. Once installed, whenever you hover over an image on the internet, a small ‘Pin it’ button will appear in the top left of the picture. Click it and you can immediately pin it straight to your page.

Pin it button

Another benefit of using this feature is that, whenever a user clicks on an image, they will be taken back to its original source. So if you use the ‘Pin it’ button to post pictures directly from your website, any user who clicks on these pictures will be taken back to your website where they’ll then be able to find out a little more about you and maybe even get in touch with you to book a table or a hotel room.

Don’t forget your other qualities

Whilst you may be tempted to focus on the main areas of your business, don’t forget there are other things that you could be showing off which may not initially spring to mind. We’d recommend taking a look at all the available categories on Pinterest, identifying which ones apply to your business, creating a board for each and then get pinning.

These are just three of the most popular themes on Pinterest:


Maybe you have some fairly stunning artwork on display in your premises. If so, show people; we all love a little culture.


Every bride is looking for her perfect wedding location. So if you also act as a wedding venue, give her what she wants and show off some pictures of your premises when it’s all d
ecked out to celebrate someone’s special day.


If you like to promote your business with tongue-in-cheek visuals here and there, show people. Maybe you’ve got a blackboard outside with a quirky drawing that changes daily to try and entice people inside; take a picture, pin it and show people how creative you are.

Networking opportunities

Not only is Pinterest a great place to show off everything you do, it’s also brilliant for Taylor's Pinterest pagediscovering other companies that could help your business grow. For instance, there’s no end of interior designers, furniture suppliers, fine food suppliers etc. all doing the same as you; showcasing their work and using Pinterest as a networking platform.

Take a look at our page for instance. Here you can see the wide variety of traditional and contemporary furniture that we design, make and restore for various businesses within the hospitality industry including pubs, restaurants, cafés and hotels.

The more you put into Pinterest, the more you will get out of it. You will begin to gain followers and, as you start to add more images to your page, other users will be able to re-pin (a form of sharing) images to their own pages, helping your reach spread even further.

Don’t forget, even though it’s been around a few years now, Pinterest is still relatively unknown in this country. Yes, there are many businesses on there, but nowhere near as many as you’ll find on other social networking platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest really is a hidden gem and if you start to use it to promote yourself, gain new followers, build brand awareness and attain unique business ideas, you really will be keeping yourself ahead of the game. So as Pinterest becomes more and more popular in this country, and other businesses in your area start to jump on the bandwagon, you can sit back in quiet satisfaction with the knowledge that you got there sooner.