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The Return of the Classic Posted 19th August 2014

Nowadays you only need to walk down the street to find yourself surrounded by the modern world. People are regularly seen connecting to the internet on their mobile phones or tablets; we very much live in a world of technology and our lives are full of modern movements.

In spite of this however, it seems us Brits want to take a step back from this modernisation and instead, embrace our heritage. Through these developments in the modern world, the world of the classic is still standing strong and starting to become more significant within today’s society.

The Classic on TVThe Pheasant Inn, Burwardsley

Take popular culture for instance and, in particular, what you see when switching on your television. More and more we are beginning to see adverts for period dramas. British series such as Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge and Agatha Christie’s Poirot are more popular now than ever. So much so that all of these shows are watched by audiences worldwide. Downton Abbey has won numerous awards, Mr Selfridge is discussed in detail over the water cooler and the finale of Poirot was watched by over five million viewers.

So what makes these shows so popular? Obviously the acting and the scripts play a major role here, but these programmes have also been praised for their attention to detail. The set designs use classic furniture to complete the look, meaning audiences are immersed in the story and truly transported back to that era. It’s also likely that the popularity of these shows and the public’s interest in these eras have inspired designers to use the classic style of furniture and turn it into a current fashion. Indeed, it’s not unusual to see the occasional modern design with a classic twist.

The Social Classic

If you’ve ever wanted a change of pace from the normal weekend and decided to do something different, the chances are you will have looked around for unusual activities; you may even have come across murder mystery weekends. Commonly taking place in country house hotels, this role play activity is extremely popular which is likely due to the classic surroundings it takes place in.

Similarly, there are restaurants that are themed solely to transport customers back to a different time. They encourage people to dress up, and then serve their customers food and drinks dating back to that era.

Attention to detail is vital in these instances too. Establishments that host these events and activities must ensure the look is completed by using classic furniture. In order to take part, audiences need to believe the experience and so ensuring the establishment is full of antique or reclaimed furniture is crucial to achieving that goal. And it is exactly this attention to detail that keeps audiences coming back time and time again.

The Classic in Hospitality

You may have started to hear the term “speakeasies” spoken when pubs and bars are discussed. It’s a term that dates back to 1920s America and “speakeasies” were places where illegal alcohol was sold. Nowadays though, the term is mainly used to describe retro or novelty style pubs and bars.Shrewsbury Arms, Albrighton

This type of establishment is making a comeback; cocktail bars are popping up all around, as are underground bars with jazz and swing music playing from within. Whilst there is an obvious novelty factor which brings in the crowd, these establishments would not be as successful if it wasn’t for their interior designs. We have spoken before about how using furniture can create a certain atmosphere and this concept still applies with “speakeasies”. By ensuring their bars are equipped with classic furniture, owners are promising to deliver their customers an unforgettable experience that takes them away from the modern world we live in and transports them back to a different time.

And let’s not forget the classic British pub. A concept we are all very familiar with is walking in with the smell of good old fashioned pub grub in the air and seeing classic antique furnishings placed neatly around the room, creating a comfortable atmosphere to sit and socialise with friends and family. Eating out is more popular now than ever and the British public are more than happy to pop down to their local for a pint of Real Ale and a Sunday roast. Ensuring this comfortable, classic atmosphere is complete with the right furniture is vital and will guarantee to keep this traditional British custom going for many years to come.

So if you’re a hotel, restaurant, pub or café owner starting from scratch or just planning on revamping your establishment to give it a new look, remember that certain modern looks will come and go, but the classic look will stand the test of time. There’s also a financial benefit of investing in classic furniture; because it’s not subject to fashion, it subsequently has a much longer life than contemporary furniture so, in the long run, you will also be saving money in refurbishment costs.

Ensure you create the perfect look and you will keep your customers coming back for more. And if you manage to create a truly unique look that keeps all your visitors talking, it’s likely you will begin to see new customers walking through your doors.

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