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Outdoor Bar & Pub Event Ideas Posted

Spring is almost here. Whilst technically, we still have a couple of weeks to go before it officially arrives, the days are growing longer, flowers are starting to shoot up from the ground and trees are beginning to blossom.

During the winter months, your business is a fantastically convenient place for your customers to escape the cold weather whilst they’re out and about. But with the arrival of the warmer months, before you know it, people will want to spend all their time outside, taking in the beauty of Mother Nature and bathing in the sun.

So how can you ensure your customers enjoy this time of year?

Bring out the BBQ

It’s a British tradition that, as soon as that sun peaks out from behind the clouds and the temperature picks up, we all like nothing better than to dust off the barbecue and enjoy delicious food with our friends and family. Why not continue this past time at your bar? Nothing brings in the masses quite like the smell of sizzling burgers wafting in the air. Be sure to spread the word beforehand. Print out a few posters and dot them around your premises a few weeks beforehand. Make an announcement on your social media channels, maybe with the offer of a free drink with each customer’s first hot dog. Not only will this ensure you see a good turn-out from the moment you open those doors, but you’re also sure to tempt in the odd passer-by with those delicious smells.

Live music

Live music is without doubt the best kind of music and it never fails to attract a good crowd. Why not give a local band the support they deserve? Hire one for a late afternoon/early evening gig and let them play to their heart’s content. Your customers will be entertained, the band will be playing to a new audience and you’ll see a continuous stream of food and drinks orders. Not only that but, in addition to your promotional activity, it’s extremely likely the band will be doing their own publicity as well, encouraging their fans to come and watch them play at your venue, subsequently bringing a brand new set of customers with them to your pub.

Family fun days

By holding an event like this, you’ll be giving parents the perfect place to take the kids on weekends and bank holidays. If you’re on a small budget, you could invest in a few simple games such as garden tower blocks, a small obstacle course or a penalty shootout. You could even hold competitions with small prizes on offer for the winners.

Alternatively, if you really want to splash out and make it an event to talk about, why not hire a bouncy castle, a children’s entertainer and a professional face painter? Whilst the kids are having the time of their lives entertaining themselves, you’ll be providing parents with a well-deserved rest, the opportunity to socialise with other parents and maybe even enjoy the sunshine with a drink (or two!)

Create an outdoor cinema

Set up a projection screen in the corner of your beer garden, choose a blockbuster, then invite your customers to join in your movie night. You’ll be creating the perfect atmosphere and, as the sun sets, nature will provide the perfect lighting.Parasol

Alternatively, why not use the screen next time a big game is on? Watching a game down the local bar or pub has been a tradition for many years, but you could mix it up a little by allowing your customers to watch it all outside.

Al fresco dining

Bring a little bit of European culture to your bar and hold an Al fresco dining evening. Encourage your customers to sit outside in a casual, almost party-like environment. Allow them the opportunity to socialise and meet new people, whilst you serve a variety of delicious dishes from all over Europe.

Outdoor furniture

Whichever events you decide to hold, make sure your customers have somewhere comfortable to sit. That’s where we come in. Even though spring and summer promise to bring the sun with them, they don’t always deliver. But our outdoor bar and pub furniture will withstand whatever the British weather tries to throw at it.

Our range covers everything from tables to chairs and picnic benches to parasols. During the warmer months, you need to ensure your customers have everything they need to enjoy the sunshine and keep coming back to your bar for more. With our range of outdoor pub and bar furniture, you can be sure they will be drinking and dining in comfort. Give us a call today to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.