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Meet the Team Posted 23rd April 2014

As with any business – it relies on a strong team! Our traditional pub furniture and antique furniture business relies on Martin, Darrel and Roger to run a tight ship. Running a business is fast paced and requires smart working, creative thinking and good strong communication. 

In today's blog we meet the team and find out more about the three musketeers behind Taylor's Classics.

Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor - Taylor's Classic's

He was there from the beginning. He's known as the 'guru' of antiques and design. Starting out in 1978, his antiques company specialised in furniture from the 18th century to the 1930's. His particular passions were for Victorian and Edwardian style furniture. It was during this time that he soon began to realise that more and more people were coming to him to buy furniture for places such as: pubs, hotels and restaurants. When 2008 arrived, Martin decided that he needed to meet supply and demand for these particular niches and so Taylor's Classics was born!

The company relies on his experience and knowledge when it comes to sourcing antique furniture and designing traditional furniture and associated products for the pub, restaurant and hotel sectors.

Roger Belham

Roger Belham - Taylor's ClassicsHe's had over 30 years' experience in the furniture business particularly for the hospitality sectors. Roger has been with Taylor's Classics for nearly 3 years as the Commercial Director and is responsible for key elements within the company such as:  sales, marketing and purchasing. He's the man that puts the company out there in front of our customers, and ensures that we’re achieving growth and happy clients.

Darrel Wall

Darrel Wall - Taylor's ClassicsMr Wall has perhaps one of the key roles within Taylor's Classics. Darrel's background in the world of antiques has proved invaluable as he concentrates on quality and service. It's his responsibility to make sure that everything in the production process is perfect to meet our customers and our own high standards.  He also overseas and runs deliveries making sure that our orders are delivered on time.