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Introducing Posted 13th April 2014

Here at Taylor’s, we’re constantly putting our heads together, brainstorming and developing new ways to keep you informed of the best products to suit your business’ needs.

During one of our most recent meetings, we had a “Eureka!” moment; if we want you to know what our best pieces of furniture are, why not just tell you? And with that, a new section on our website was born.

Introducing “Martin’s Favourites”.Martin's favourite antique and reclaimed furniture

As you may know, Martin puts the Taylor in ‘Taylor’s Classics’. He’s been in the antiques business since 1978 and as our founder, he really knows his stuff. So you can be sure that anything he recommends will be a great piece.

Martin dedicated some time one afternoon, sat down and browsed each and every one of the products from our range of antique and reclaimed furniture. Along the way, he created a list containing only those products that he favoured the most. We then took this list and grouped all of the products it mentioned into their very own page on our website.

When you visit the new page, as you’ll see, Martin himself says that the furniture “is a selection of items [he feels] are of great quality, most are rare, quirky or unusual items. [He] will have chosen these examples from all the categories on the antique and reclaimed section as [his] personal. [He hopes] you will find them interesting and inspiring as well.”

We understand that some people may need a little guidance from time to time. That’s why we hope this new section of our website will help you to choose magnificent pieces that work best in your business’ interior design; particularly if you’re after that stunning antique look.

If you want to speak to Martin and find out a little more about his selected pieces, or even if you want to ask one of our other experts what their favourite items are, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.