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Inspiration for pubs with reclaimed and antique bar accessories Posted 22nd May 2014

In today's blog we look at reclaimed and antique bar accessories and hope to provide you with some inspiration when it comes to accessorising your traditional pub and/or restaurant.

When you walk into a bar, the first thing that your customers may notice is the bar, then the seating area. However after everyone has been served and sat down, the small details begin to matter. As it's these small details that give your pub interior design its: character, ambience, and individual style.

So let's look at the 'small details' that makes a big difference to your pub interior design:

Interior lighting

Lighting is one the biggest factors that helps to keep customers stay in one place. Have you ever noticed how bright lighting is used in retail changing rooms? This is to make sure customers can see what they're trying on, but also to stop people from staying too long.

If bright lighting is used within pubs, it's usually by the bar area as it's important for people to be able to see what they're ordering and to check their change.

However, moving over to more informal places such as eating and social areas its best if softer lights are used. Usually traditional lamps are favoured in these kinds of settings because they're informal, antique looking and provide sufficient light.

We have a great range of lamps that are rewired standard lamps that meet PAT standards.

Pub Mirrors

Mirrors not only provide a practical function but a handy interior design tip also. If you want to make a space look bigger in length and width then mirrors are ideal. They also reflect back light, so it entirely depends upon the colour of your pub interiors, whether or not you want a room to look lighter or darker.

Should you want to create more length within your surroundings, one of our Pub Mirrors would make a perfect addition to your venue.

If you're looking to create a traditional atmosphere then an early 20th century brass hammered mirror with intricate detailing is a superb buy.

Other accessories

Book shelves are a nice finishing touch and very practical too. Maybe your customers like to read. Why not create a library effect and encourage people to bring and swap their own books. They also make stylish room fillers, like 19th Century Oak Open Bookshelves for example. 

Remember when we said about the small details making a bigger difference? Pictures and photographs are a prime example. Sometimes plain walls can be well… plain. Infuse them with colour and point of interest.

Thanks for reading!

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