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How to Choose Traditional Pub Furniture for Your Brand Posted

In today's blog, we look at how to choose traditional pub furniture including traditional pub Haughton Stoolchairs, pub tables and addressing your pub interior design.

Why choose traditional pub interiors

Choosing traditional pub furniture is essential if you want your traditional pub or bar to look and feel right. Not only are your customers interested in good quality service and good prices but they want to be somewhere that's warm, relaxing and inviting. The character of the pub, décor and furniture all add to the ambience and contribute to a customer’s experience.

Pubs are an age-old tradition for England, and whilst many of them are modernizing their pub interior design, there seems to be a call for a tradition among customers for a good old fashioned pub!

Tips on how to choose traditional pub furniture

  1. Have a think about the kind of setting that you would like. Is it casual?  Perhaps elegant?
  2. Set aside a budget and be prepared to go over it, if only slightly. Traditional pub furniture can be costly so be sure to look around and compare prices. 
  3. Measure out space where your traditional pub furniture is going to go. It may be tempting to choose large traditional pub chairs and tables. Although if it means that your customers will be cramped then it may be worth down-sizing!

Different types of traditional pub chairs

Barstools: are useful for the customers that want to have a pint or two on their own. Unlike chairs and tables, they don't initiate interaction. It's wise to have a few of these at the one and only bar!

Wooden pub chairs: these are very popular within the traditional pub interior, usually in dark mahogany and give a clean finish.

Upholstered pub chairs:  these usually have a padded seat and can be great for customer comfort. The fabric helps to add splashes of colours since most traditional pub furniture is dark- these are great for varying it up!


Always have a few more pub chairs and pub tables stored away just in case there's a need to replace current ones.

We offer a range of traditional pub furniture as well as any advice that you may need in sprucing up your pub interiors. Just ask!