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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Enamel Table Tops Posted 9th December 2014

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that one of the recent introductions to our product line is our range of genuine stove enamel table tops. And whilst you may have heard of this range, you may not necessarily be aware of the benefits of using it within your pub, restaurant, hotel or café. So we thought we’d explore this further by providing you with a little more knowledge and five reasons why you should be using enamel table tops within your business.Different edge and surface colours

1. Easy to clean

First things first, enamel is much easier to clean than other materials. Imagine a spillage on your other, wooden table tops. It’s likely you’ll need some real elbow grease to shift the damage, or maybe even some specialised treatment and this could cost you a fair amount. With enamel on the other hand, depending on what was dropped, most spillages can easily be wiped away, with virtually no lasting damage. Which brings us nicely onto our next point…

2. Hygienic

Because they are so easy to clean, enamel table tops are much more hygienic. There is no problem at all with using cleaning products on enamel surfaces, meaning they can receive regular cleaning and treatment with anti-bacterial products. These table tops are the perfect solution for family friendly businesses; use anti-bacterial products, for instance, to thoroughly clean your table tops and then put parents’ minds at ease. Not only will their children be kept safe from germs, but your table tops will still look fantastic without having to compromise on cleanliness.

3. Protects original table tops

A big concern for business owners, particularly those that have invested in special antique furniture, is what damage could happen to it. It’s a fact of life; accidents happen and, unfortunately, they’re extremely common within the hospitality industry. How many of you have seen a customer that’s had one too many to drink and accidentally knocked a glass of red wine all over your beautiful bar table? But this concern can be reduced significantly by investing in enamel table tops. Fitted simply so that they are fixed on top of your current tables, enamel table tops will act as a protective layer to what’s underneath. So the next time one of your customers becomes a little over-excited, you won’t need to worry as much about lasting damage to your expensive table furniture.

4. Adds a touch of vintage

We’ve spoken about this in a previous blog post discussing how enamel table tops are associated with the 1940s. And it’s really all down to how quick and simple they are to fix to your tables; you really can add a touch of vintage to your business in no time at all.

5. Simple to achieve a new look

And just in case you need any more convincing, our final reason for why you really should be investing in enamel table tops is the fact they allow you to add style and completely transform the interior design of your business without having to buy new furniture, or compromise the look of what you already have. So if you feel your pub, restaurant, hotel or café needs a new look but you don’t really want to purchase a brand new range of furniture, enamel table tops are the perfect solution. They can be adapted to suit a variety of shapes and sizes, and their design can even be customised to display your company logo.

So if you’re convinced and you want to know more, visit our dedicated enamel table tops page for more information, or feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.