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Creating space for small commercial interiors Posted 28th May 2014

In today's blog we're going to address the interiors of the likes of small restaurants and tea rooms and look at how we can help you create space for small commercial interiors.

Space is an important factor for many commercial businesses and it can be costly when it comes to wanting big areas for dining and social areas.  Although there is nothing wrong with cosy and intimate settings but there are ways of creating more space for your customers without having to move to another location!

Many hospitality businesses don’t utilize their space properly due to poorly planned seating areas, useless storage space that's more decorative rather than practical and nick-knacks that clutter rather than adding personality.

Tips for creating space for small commercial interiors

Adapting furniture size: unlike say a pub where furniture is big, bulky, and cluttered everywhere. A small tea room or restaurant has to be catered for. This means that furniture is considerably smaller (not Alice in Wonderland style!)

Tearoom style chairs are a perfect solution for creating space yet still maintaining customer comfort (a factor that we've talked about in previous blogs.)  Tearoom chairs are ideal because they're slimmed down and are easily stackable yet they're still super stylish and have features such as padded backs.

We have a few ranges of tearoom chairs:

Our tearoom chair range Number 14 are simple with rounded back support and are available in a number of colours.

Our Number 16's are that little bit more detailed and add a vintage / French look to your interior.

Representing great value is the Number 840 Bentwood Tearoom Chair, suited for pubs, restaurants and cafes. This chair is available in our standard range of stains with an upholstered seat.

Last but not least are our tearoom chairs Number 20 and they're designed for customers' comfort with super comfortable padded bases and backs.

Creating a practical seating area:

If you can create a good space then it means people will stay longer. Seating has a huge psychological importance when it comes to customers spending time and money in your business.

3 Top Tips:

  • Try to create a sense of privacy with your seating areas by placing them around the outside of the room facing outwards; this is so customers don’t have to look at others unintentionally.


  • Don't over crowd by placing furniture near the bar, kitchens and/or where people may queue to get served. This is easier said than done because there is always a temptation to make more room than there is to fit more customers in at one time. However, it has adverse affects by making customers feel cramped and some claustrophobic.


  • Think quality rather than quantity and this works if you're choosing smaller furniture like the tearoom chairs we mentioned earlier. Plus this approach has a more pleasing affect on the eye!

These are our few simple techniques that you can adopt when creating space for small commercial interiors.