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Contemporary Furniture: How To Make It Work - Taylor's Classics Posted

Whilst there are many pubs and restaurants that go for the traditional pub furniture, there is a huge trend for contemporary furniture. Some would say that this type of furniture lacks charm and character yet contemporary furniture can tell a story of its own.

What does contemporary furniture say about your brand?

  • Modern
  • Forward thinking
  • Trendy
  • Open to new ideas
  • Ability to adapt and change

These are all really great messages for your business to send out to your customers.

How to choose contemporary furniture

 1. Colour

Unlike traditional pub furniture that is usually in creams, reds and browns contemporary furniture is colourful, shiny and very sleek looking. The mix and match theme of traditional pub interior design has carried over to more modern interior design too!

Select a few pieces to put around the room that are bold in colour. This will make these pieces stand out more, and give it that contemporary feel.

2. Shape

Contemporary furniture is all about unusual shapes such as sharp square edges. It's ideal if you can use a variety of shapes in one room.

Our Casablanca armchairs with upholstered arms are a perfect example of our range of contemporary furniture. This armchair is ideal for a seating area that’s informal and our favourite colour is Brandy.

If you really want to go all out then The Double O Two chair is perfect! It’s a good looking seat designed using Bentwood techniques and comes with a polished seat.

3. Textures

Giving a contemporary feel to your pub or restaurant means it's about the textures. Cool woods, warm upholstery, cold chrome, and comfortable velvets all add to the feel of the interior.

Our favourites include:

Stockholm chair

Casablanca armchair

Before you go…

Remember by choosing contemporary furniture for your pub, restaurant or hotel doesn't mean comprising on quality for the sake of style. Furniture has come a long way and now comfort is at the forefront of most if not all furniture designers' minds.

Or contemporary furniture comes in a range of colours, styles, and materials so please feel free to enquire about this when contacting us.

Our Contemporary Bentwood Furniture range is the perfect contemporary look so have a peek if you are thinking of updating your pub, hotel or restaurant furniture, have a look at the full range here