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American Diners, 1950s Retro & Benchairs Furniture Posted

Imagine the scene; you walk into a room and the first few things you notice are the bright red colours, black and white floor tiles, neon lighting, seating booths along the length of the room, the smell of frying onions and the juke box in the corner blaring out tunes by artists such as Elvis, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.American diner

You’ve guessed it; you’ve just walked into a 1950s American-style café and, all across the country, these diners are popping up, offering customers a taste of something new, along with a little bit of retro on the side.

The birth of these diners took place in the 1950s, where American teens would escape to socialise with their friends, whilst tucking into enormous burgers with curly fries, the creamiest of milkshakes and topping it all off with a gigantic banana split.

Most famously featuring in the hit film, Grease, American diners soon became a must for tourists as the years went on. And soon enough, they crossed the Atlantic Ocean, arriving on our doorsteps with the intention of bringing a touch of American retro to our lives.

Without question, this was a successful move by business owners across the country as the novelty factor of these diners certainly brings in the crowds. Soon, these cafés became a popular place for people from all walks of life; suitable for everything from first dates, to family nights-out and large group parties.

There are many contributing factors that help them to become a success, but if you are in the process of converting your premises into one of these diners, one element that you must focus on is to ensure the interior design looks the part.

Neon lightsAs mentioned above, the more iconic designs include black and white floor tiles, seating booths and neon lighting. Some businesses even take their décor to the extreme by parking a classic American car smack bang in the middle of their restaurant, sometimes allowing lucky customers to dine inside.

Benchairs dining furniture

If your budget can stretch that far, by all means, treat your customers to a real novelty factor. But if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, focus your efforts on your diner’s furniture.

A classic design used in the 1950s is Benchairs furniture, which still remains just as popular to this day. With its iconic design and the dazzling orange/red colours that we’re all so familiar with, this range of furniture will really make your customers feel as if they’ve been transported to the set of Grease.

And not only will this achieve the desired 1950s effect, Benchairs furniture is also extremely comfortable. In particular, the range of chairs we hold have curved backs and a padded finish, so your customers can enjoy their experience at your diner in comfort.

Our collection of Benchairs furniture includes chairs, stools and tables, most of which is available in a range of different finishes, fabrics and leathers, so they can easily be tailored to suit your unique interior and help you to complete the desired 1950s look.

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