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A Return to the 1940's with Enamel Table Tops Posted 12th June 2014

The Enamel Table Top CompanyYou only have to look at the success of brands like Cath Kidston to realise how much the public loves vintage fashion trends. From soft furnishings to items of clothing and personal accessories, replicating the look of a bygone era is one of today's most popular styles.

But in addition to household design and individual style, retro influences can also be found in shops, restaurants and even pubs. As opposed to the cold and unwelcoming nature of modern furnishings, it seems like people feel more comfortable surrounded by familiar items of furniture and traditional décor, which are invariably much warmer and inviting.

Therefore, styles from the 1930s and 1940s are becoming increasingly popular for commercial properties, interior designers and everyday households. One of the best ways to replicate the elegance and flair of the past is by purchasing or transforming items of furniture with enable table tops.

Why enamel table tops?

Enamel Table Top Blue and WhiteBefore the 1930s, interior décor was quite extravagant, as Victorian styles continued to influence fixtures, fittings and furniture. Art Nouveau went into decline, but the rise of Art Deco dominated numerous properties and premises. However, during and after World War II, things began to change.

Money was one of the biggest issues, so households needed functional furniture that would stand the test of time. When troops began to return home, a sense of normality was longed for and interior design reflected this. Soft furnishings favoured floral patterns and natural tones while furniture was uncomplicated and comforting.

Therefore, enamel table tops were incredibly popular. The hardwearing surface could withstand the trials and tribulations of everyday life, but remained a decorative and sentimental piece of furniture at the same time.

Popularity of enamel table tops

Enamel Table Top Green and WhiteWith the prevalence of vintage and retro soft furnishings becoming more obvious in recent years, pieces of furniture that were previously forgotten about have been in high demand too. Social network sites like Pinterest have only added fuel to the fire, as scores of people now want to replicate trends from the 1930s and 1940s in their own homes.

Unfortunately, authentic pieces of furniture from antique dealers can be quite expensive and if you do end up locating something within your price range, the colour or style might not match your existing interior. Redecorating a room or space around a particular item is one option, but this could end up costing you more money and probably won't be worth the upheaval.

Therefore, repurposing, upcycling and remanufacturing existing items of furniture is an increasingly voguish alternative. Inspiration can be found online and ideas usually come with step-by-step tips or instructions. However, achieving that archetypal vintage look is never easy and sometimes requires the help of a professional.

There's just something about owning an original enamel table top, though. Even though it might set you back a fair amount, it's an item that will last you and your family generations. The trick to choosing the right 1940s table top is not to rush into anything and to assess your options. As any antique dealer will tell you, the best items come to those who wait. So, unless something utterly fantastic shows up and you must have it, consider sitting back and weighing up your options. The last thing you want is an enamel table top that doesn't compliment your existing style and decor.

For those who can't wait but cannot find a suitable original piece, repurposing, upcycling and remanufacturing existing items is a respected alternative. You can do this yourself or seek out a specialist company to do it for you. 

The Enamel Table Top Company 

Here at Taylor's Classics, we pride ourselves on transforming dull and drab pieces of furniture with enamel table tops. These unique items are manufactured to order in the UK and can feature bespoke designs within the enamel according to your requirements. Any size or shape is possible, from round to square and rectangular tops.

Along with replicating the aesthetics and sentiments of 1940s Britain, they also work tremendously well in any modern environment. Enamel table tops are easy to clean, don’t require much maintenance and above all else, look great. They're also hard wearing and are perfect as a kitchen or even dining table.

So whether you want to revamp a restaurant or make your home more hospitable, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Taylor's Classics, as our traditional furniture and enamel table tops are perfect for every type of property.