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8 Benefits of Investing in Antique Furniture Posted

Considering what furniture to buy for your business can be a tough process. Do you go with classic antique or something more modern? You may be tempted to go with current contemporary trends because, let’s face it, the word “antique” doesn’t always have the best reputation. If you were to consult a dictionary, for instance, you probably wouldn’t get a great first impression of “antique”, particularly when you see other synonyms such as “obsolete”, “ancient” and “old-fashioned”. But when it comes to antique furniture, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

1. There’s always a story to tell

Yes, that antique chair has been around for a while, but just imagine the stories it would tell if it could. Furnishing your premises with beautiful antiques will bring a little history to your business image and may even spark up a topic of conversation between customers.

2. Environmentally friendly

By investing in antique furniture instead of new products, you’re reducing the need for manufacturing companies to use new materials in making items from scratch and instead, you’re playing your part in combating the continuing struggle with environmental pollution.

3. Great quality products

Generally, antique furniture is extremely well made. Once upon a time, that piece of furniture was lovingly crafted by someone, made by their own hands and given a perfect finish. As it’s still standing decades later, you can be sure of its durability.

4. Always in style

An antique is a classic. It’s never going out of fashion. So not only are you investing in a stunning, stylish design, you’re also saving yourself the cost of having to refurnish your premises a few years down the line in order to fall in line with current trends.

5. Makes a statement

Antiques don’t have to be everywhere in your premises. Even if you have a few dotted around here and there, they make a great contrast and mix well with more contemporary pieces. In fact, less can be more in some instances; you’re more likely to generate chatter about that one stand-alone antique piece than you are from the various other modern pieces furnishing your business.

6. More cost-effective

You may be surprised to learn that, in some cases, it’s actually cheaper to purchase antique pieces than it is to buy new products. This is likely due to the rise in modernism and popularity of brands such as IKEA. But, whilst everyone is spending all their money with these mass-production companies, you can take advantage of the situation and buy antiques for less than you initially thought.

7. Can be extremely valuable

And if you do ever decide to move on to a different look, you may even see a small return on your initial investment. Antique furniture keeps – and in some cases, increases – its value. So as the price trends in modernism rise and fall, antiques are a better investment in the long run.

8. Unique products

Finally, the last and best benefit of them all; with antique furniture, no two people will have exactly the same piece. It’s not mass produced, so you can be sure all the pieces in your business are unique to you.

Convinced now and want to know where you can buy great quality antique furniture? You’re already here. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to have a chat about your requirements.