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7 Steps to Mix & Match Furniture for a Truly Unique Look Posted

Anything goes. That’s certainly the approach we’re continuing to see in modern interior design trends occurring within the hospitality industry. Furniture is regularly mixed and matched to create a fresh, unique design that cohabits peacefully together, in spite of the differences in appearance.

Some business owners can be put off the idea of mixing and matching their furniture though for fear that it won’t look as good as they imagined. But there’s no harm in experimenting with your business’ interior design, so long as you find some common ground between each piece.

So don’t be afraid to mix things up a little. Take the plunge and get your creative juices flowing.

To help you along the way, here are seven things to keep in mind whilst experimenting with different styles.

1. Size & shape

Try to create a happy balance between the size and shape of the items you’re placing together. Take dining chairs, for instance; if your tables are surrounded by chairs of varying height, width or bulk, it can have the adverse effect and just look rather odd. Try to keep things fairly consistent in this area so they still match, even if they differ in style.

Pub and bar furniture2. Weight

Similarly to the above here, you want to maintain a similar weight from piece to piece. The last thing you want is for some customers to be sitting down comfortably whilst others are using all their energy struggling to make their chairs budge.

3. Colour

Here’s where you can really have some fun experimenting with different, bold looks. But do bear in mind that some colours can clash. The best thing to do is consult a colour wheel and only choose colours that sit opposite each other. For instance, blues work well with yellows, whereas reds clash with pinks. Remember, whites and blacks are fairly neutral and will usually work well with any colour.

4. Light vs dark

Wooden furniture, in particular, works well here. Choosing to place a dark oak table in amongst white painted chairs, for example, can achieve a really striking look.

5. Finishes

Have you ever thought of mixing shining gloss together with a matte finish? Try combining them in the same group for something a little more subtle.

6. Era

You sometimes have to be careful here as extremes may not work. For instance, placing an Bentwood chairs
antique piece of furniture next to something that is an all-singing, all-dancing piece of modern design would probably have the adverse effect. But if you can choose pieces that are in harmony with each other, you can create something truly brilliant. Take a few example items from our stock, for instance; we have a range of traditional Bentwood furniture and a separate range of contemporary Bentwood furniture. On paper, it could sound like a nightmare putting together two pieces from each category, but take a look at our range for yourself and see what you think; you may be surprised at the unique combinations that begin to form in your mind.

7. Be inspired

And don’t forget, if you really don’t know what look you want to achieve, you can always look online or consult magazines for a little inspiration to get you started.

Our range of furniture comes from all walks of life and, over time, we’ve seen some fantastic use of ‘Mix and Match’ within interior design. Speak to a member of our team to find out which of our pieces works best when creating that unique look.