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11 Benefits of Investing in Reclaimed Furniture Posted 29th April 2016

In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of investing in antique furniture for your hospitality business. This week, we’re doing something similar but this time, we’ll be exploring the benefits of investing in reclaimed furniture.

Reclaimed haberdashery drawersCommon benefits with antique furniture

Both antique and reclaimed furniture are similar in many ways, particularly given the fact they often date back to the same era. Because of this, they have similar benefits.

1. Quirky character

As with antiques, because of their age, any reclaimed pieces are sure to bring their own built-in character to a room, adding to the surroundings.

2. Valuable

Old furniture has already depreciated, so as long as it is well looked after, you can rest assured it will maintain its value.

3. Mix and match

If you want to invest in reclaimed furniture but you’re reluctant for it to furnish your entire business, why not purchase just a few special pieces instead and create a fantastic ‘Mix and Match’ effect? Reclaimed furniture can provide a great contrast to contemporary surroundings, for instance.

4. Unique

More often than not, you are buying something unique. So you have bragging rights to say no one else in the world has the exact same piece as you.

5. Environmentally friendly

Reclaimed furniture has a positive impact on the environment as, rather than using brand new virgin wood, each piece is crafted using wood recycled from old and beautifully detailed furniture often found in churches and medieval buildings. To find out more about the positive effect this has on our environment, take a look at one of our older posts, Sustainability in the Industry: How Reclaimed Furniture has a Positive Environmental Effect.

Other benefits

Some people could be mistaken for thinking that antique and reclaimed furniture are one and the same. There are, however, some subtle differences. Antiques are generally classed as items that are over 100 years old and tend to be standalone valuable pieces. Reclaimed items, on the other hand, can be any age, right up to the 1980s, and tend to have had a more functional past; for example, they may not originally have been created for artistic purposes.

Whilst the two do have some benefits in common, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in reclaimed furniture for your business.Reclaimed window frame

6. Expertly restored

Here at Taylor’s, we expertly restore all our reclaimed furniture with great care and attention to detail. So after you purchase our products and undertake regular, careful maintenance, you can be sure your pieces will last for many more years to come.

7. Add your own touch

The base of reclaimed furniture is beautiful in its own right, but that doesn’t stop you from being able to add your own personal touch. Why not create a brand new feel for your pieces by applying special finishes such as paints or by adding some funky fabrics?

8. Recycle old into new

As mentioned above, many of our reclaimed items are crafted from pieces that could once be found in ancient buildings. Whatever shape or form they took back then, doesn’t it give you a sense of satisfaction that your investment is breathing new life into something that was once completely different? For instance, what was once a church pew could now form part of a stunning sideboard.

9. Strong and durable

Over time, crafted wood becomes more robust and, in comparison to more modern pieces, it becomes slightly stronger, protecting itself against the natural wear and tear of everyday life.

10. Perfectly suited to traditional venues

And all our reclaimed pieces look great in their natural environment. So if you own a classic hotel or a traditional restaurant for instance, our range of reclaimed furniture will look comfortably at home in amongst the naturally classic décor of your business.

11. Not just a pretty face

We’ve gone on about how fantastic reclaimed furniture looks, but what’s just as important is how functional it is. So whether it’s a chair, a table or even a cabinet, you can rest assured that not only will it look great, but it’ll also serve its purpose perfectly.

If we’ve convinced you and you want to talk to someone about purchasing reclaimed furniture for your hospitality business, please feel free to give us a call.