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10 Benefits of Investing in Traditional Bentwood Furniture Posted 15th December 2016

Continuing the theme in our latest set of blog posts, today we’re going to focus on traditional Bentwood furniture and explore the various benefits of investing in this classic design for your hospitality business.

1. Stylish

First things first; traditional Bentwood furniture is pretty darn stylish. Fact. We defy anybody to look at a beautifully crafted chair or stool and not appreciate the fine detail and skill that went in to creating the final design.

Let’s face it, no matter whether it’s a pub, café or restaurant, a piece of traditional Bentwood furniture will undoubtedly add a touch of “je ne sais quoi” to the room.

2. Recognisable design

Secondly, if you stumble across a traditional Bentwood chair, for instance, chances are this won’t be the first time you’ve seen one. It’s a design that’s been around for centuries and, whether you’ve sat on a piece before or just spotted it in the background of a television programme, it’s a design you will recognise immediately.

Take the Number 14 Bowback chair, for instance; a design that’s often seen in bistros or cafés.

3. Popular design

It’s hard to believe, but Bentwood has been around for a whopping 200 years.

Since the 1800s, people have gone crazy for this beautiful design. Using the Number 14 chair as another example, can you believe that an astounding 50 million were sold between 1859 and 1930? And that’s just the Number 14 design too!

Over the years, Bentwood’s popularity has remained constant and thousands of businesses use it as their design of choice when completing their interior design.

It’s an elegant, classic design that doesn’t date; it’s been fashionable for the past 200 years and that popularity is only going to continue.

And because of this, if you do ever choose to move on to a different design, selling your traditional Bentwood pieces in the process, the chances are you’ll see a good return on your initial investment.

4. Made using traditional techniques

The techniques used to make modern day Bentwood furniture are similar to those used when it was first manufactured back in the 1800s. If the methods worked well back then, you can rest assured they’ll work just as well now, if not better, especially given the modern technology we have nowadays. Because of this, your final products are sure to be both practical and functional.

5. Quality products

Traditional Bentwood isn’t made out of any old wood either. Each piece is crafted using only the best quality beech that’s been assessed and deemed suitable for the wood-bending process.

6. Durable

Because of the last point, you can rest assured that each finished piece will be robust, durable and will stand the test of time.

In order to create the bent effect, pieces of wood are softened with steam and, when left to dry, they begin to harden. When this happens, the wood strengthens making the final pieces of furniture secure and robust.

7. Imaginative finishes

Once softened, the wood can be bent and shaped in any way. The possibilities are endless and many manufacturers often seize this opportunity to get creative. Just carry out a search in Google Images for “Bentwood” and you’ll see what we mean…

8. Simple to customise

Want something a little different? Something that will suit your business’ unique identity? No problem. Traditional Bentwood pieces are available in a range of finishes, colours and some can even be upholstered; perfect if you want your contract furniture to mirror your company’s brand colours.

9. Will complement most interior designs

Even though this particular range is known as “traditional Bentwood furniture”, this design can actually be used almost anywhere. So even if most of your interior design is more on the contemporary side of things, traditional Bentwood furniture can complement almost any look you’re trying to achieve.

10. Additional benefit when buying from us

Finally, should you choose to purchase your traditional Bentwood furniture through us, you can be sure to receive a fantastic service. Not only are we experts in our industry – having been in this business since 1978 – but we’re also partnered with the Bentwood specialists, TON, making us authorised UK resellers of this stylish range of furniture.

So if you’ve decided traditional Bentwood furniture is the way to go for your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.