William 4th Library Table

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A very good quality William 4th library table, center table or sofa table in mahogany, circa 1830.

It was two frieze drawers, two dummy drawers which makes it look free standing, sycamore lined drawers (possibly Scottish made) and a good figured top. Castors under the feet, elegant with no stretcher (I always prefer no stretcher). It has some bumps and bangs but that is all part of the character! I don't like my furniture to be all new looking, this desk is nearly 200 years old for goodness sake! 

We will check it over and wax it up before we ship it out. 


Product Code: TAB 7485/ 1738/ URE


Width: 1380mm
Depth: 600mm
Height: 750mm


£485.00 +VAT

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