Solid Oak Table Circa 1910

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This is a rare old table! Made in solid oak at the beginning of the 20th century circa 1910. 

It is exceptionally long measuring at 3360mm long (or 11 feet 'in old money'). It has a well figured top under all the old polish I would gently strip off the varnish to reveal the original colour and the lovely top). There is a little carved detail to the edge of the table which again makes me think it is the age it is, the lovely exaggerated bulbous trestle ends are great and well in proportion with the length of the table. I feel you could seat 16 plus people around this table with the width being 900mm (or 3ft). The person on the top is showing you how much weight the table will carry, and also to scale you the scale of the table (I think I need to go back to slimming world!). 

We can give you a price for sympathetically removing the varnish from the top and base and waxing up. 


Product Code: TAB 7258/ 1690/ LSS


Width: 3360mm
Depth: 900mm


£1,450.00 +VAT

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