19th Century Pitch Pine Refectory Table

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Now I don't buy a lot of pine, or pitch pine furniture but I was very taken by this lovely refectory table. What I like about this table is the washed out, scrubbed look on the surface which is not polished; it looks as if each day it's been washed off with a damp cloth with a little bit of bleach. I think it's been made a long time ago out of two pitch pine Pew seats but the figuring on the table top is really lovely and interesting. The trefoil decoration on the trestle ends is also very classical looking. It’s a really lovely, lovely table and would look great in a restaurant, in a pub or in many situations. We have washed it all down, checked it over, so it is ready to rock 'n' roll.


Product Code: TAB-08660 


Width: 2140mm
Depth: 700mm
Height: 770mm



£375.00 +VAT

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