Set of Twelve Mahogany Ribbon Back Chippendale Style Dining Chairs

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These chairs are approximately 15 years old, how do I know this? Well I had them made over 20 years ago. I purchased a single carver chair and a single dining chair in Preston and sent them to a factory that I was doing work with and had four sets made; this is the last set that I have!

It has been in store for all that time, hoping perhaps one day I might have a dining room big enough to accommodate them myself. But my wife tells me need to down size!!

In my opinion they are one of the best models of this period.

Ideal for a private dining room or even a private house, they really are a fantastic set of chairs.


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Width: 610mm
Depth: 540mm
Height: 1010mm


£1,750.00 +VAT

For The Set
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