Freestanding Table Top Desk/ Reception Circa 1870

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A 19th century freestanding table top desk/reception circa 1870. This is a really unusual item dating from about 1870, it has three glazed sides for protection from the local tea leaf and where you stand in the front there is a sloping top which lifts up for you to put your secret papers and bills. The edges of the fall are marked with old woodbine fag burns .....I love it!! It is in original condition and needs a good sympathetic clean and wax. There is a pane of glass missing which we would replace. It free stands and there is some ebonized reeded decoration around the outside ...just a nice feature that adds a little more character measures

ACC-08059/ PPS


Width: 690mm
Depth: 620mm
Height: 520mm


£325.00 +VAT

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