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Are you after something a little different for your business? Something that’s going to keep your furniture protected from spills and stains whilst still only being a simple addition to your current furnishings? Our enamel table tops are the perfect solution for your business’ interior design, whether you own a bar, restaurant, hotel, café or pub.

Manufactured to order in Britain, their wipe clean surfaces make them easy to maintain and, because they can be attached simply to most table tops, they won’t damage your current furniture in any way.

Our range of vintage and antique enamel table tops are 25mm thick with rolled edges and a timber panel insert to allow for simple fixing. The best part is you are still able to use the table bases of your choice; whatever your preferred style, our products will simply attach to the top. So even if you choose to use a beautiful antique table dating back to the 18th century, you can still finish it off simply and stylishly with one of our enamel table tops.

Not only do these tops provide you with a sure-fire way of protecting your furniture, you’ll also find that you have various options to customise your new look. Firstly, all our table tops are available in one or two colours. So whether you want your interior design to stand out and make a statement, or even if you just want to mirror your business logo, with a range of eight colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the look you’re trying to achieve.

Secondly, why not reinforce your brand’s image by customising your table tops with your company logo? A unique design that you can be sure no one else has.

If you have a question or even if you just want to speak with one of our experts about your requirements, please feel free to contact our sales office for further details.

Please note that a minimum order of ten enamel table tops applies in this range.